Make Automation command for " When subitem is created " and "then connect boards and subitem to item via column"

So it’s great that you can make mirror columns in subitems ( which means you can send info downwards) but it doesn’t help much if I can’t automate them to automatically connect once the subitem is created. Because of how we do things we really need this link to happen ONLY when a person creates a subitem. Not on main item creation.

The “When item is created” is useless for this as info will only be inserted later than the creation and making a template automation just eats away on automations per month and is not flexible.

Please consider this for the roadmap as this would be super useful for data and statistics of subitems and will save a lot of manual clicking.

Our team is really struggling with the fact that data can’t really move down easily from Main item to subitem fields.