Mirroring column data to sub-items

Hi, can someone tell me if it’s possible to mirror data from an automated parent item to its sub-items? I have an automation that creates a pulse, then creates a fixed set of 4 sub-items. I just need the date field of the parent item to copy over to the sub-items but can’t seem to get this to work with mirroring as it wants me to specify the item to mirror. Problem is since it is auto-generated, I cannot specify an exact item. Hope this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!


While you can Connect and Mirror info from a parent item to a Subitem within the same board, I’m not certain you can automate this process. Autocreation of Subitems is a new feature and not yet fully fleshed out.

I’m thinking this might be accomplishable by Integromat/Zapier/Monday API but I can’t say for

Hopefully we see more sub-item support for automations in the near future.

Yes, that’s what it sounds like. I will look into Integromat. Thank you again Andrew!

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