Parent item mirror to subitem

Seeing some idea submissions for this, but also looks like it used to be a capability. Is it possible to mirror something from the parent item into the subitem of the same board? (Bonus - without needing to create an Connection column.)

Closed thread indicating past capability, but no how-to instructions: Connecting Item Board With Subitems Board - Get information from The parent item to the Subitem

Hi @MondayMyco - This is possible but only with using a connect board column and selecting the parent item to mirror the columns. There is also functionality in the Autoboost app to copy a value from the parent to the subitems.

Hope this helps!

@MondayMyco Hi What you are trying to do is possible with VLOOKUP marketplace app by setting an auto-link between parent board and its sub-item board (this works since sub-items are a hidden sub board).

You do need a key value which both on board item and sub-item for matching between them.

Let me know if you need any help.