Copy subitems from another board by a connected item column

I have in board A, a connected column (let’s call it column Z) to board B.
Once i will choose an item (from board b items) in column Z, I would like that all
subitems of the chosen item will be copied and connected from board B to board A
as Subitems.
I thought that the “Subitem auto” integration will help me but it was limited.
Waiting for your help


You can do this using

  1. Send a webhook to when column Z changes.
  2. Iterate the subitems of the selected parent item in
  3. Create subitems on Board A with column values.

Hope this helps

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Hi @alon_h , thanks for posting your question here in the community (and welcome!)

I published an article with a video guide on how you can do that Here it is

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Hey @alon_h,

I’m Daniel, we’re the creators of Subitem Automations. We’re now working on a new version that will allow to copy subitems from one board to the other. It should be out later this week.

Can you reach out to me at so we can discuss to make sure it meets your needs and make the relevant changes if needed?

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Hi Joseph,

Thank you very much for your reply :smiley:
I understood how to work with another app which called “same item multiple boards”.
look at Rodneysw reply beneath yours.
It is a very good app but it is not meet my need.
My condition was that the subitems will be connected by the value in column Z.
I see you undersood this condition.
I almost sure that you can help me but your answer is to short and it has no
video or detailed explanation.
waiting for your reply

Hi Rodney,
Thank you for your reply and your video.
It does not meet my needs but i really apprrciate you efforts!
Surely one day i will use this app.


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Hi daniel,

Thank you for your effort
I see there is another available solution.
I am waiting for Joseph solution.


Hi Alon,

Please see a quick video I put together explaing the basic’s of the flow.

Hope this helps

Hi Joseph,
Indeed, it helped me understand that there is a way to accomplish my goal.
It seems that you are highly skilled on
Thank you very much for this video and for your time.
For now, i wil leave this kind of implementation (quite complicated) to our partner that we are working with.
I will try to use lower grade solutions for the problem i showed.
Thank you again and i hope to get more good solutions for you in the future.
take care…


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Hey @alon_h

Just to be clear, you want subitems in Board A to be connected to subitems in Board B?