Sub item creation


Is there a way you automate what happens once a sub item is created in a similar way to when at item is created. I am looking at how we organise boards and we have chosen to use sub items as tasks for all of our projects. I would like to be able to automatically set and owner, date and status to a sub item in the same way that you would assign it to an item. I will then use this information to update the main item (project) based on sub tasks and and move it to the correct group.


Generally speaking, there is not yet complete parity between the features and automation triggers and functions available for items and subitems. There has been significant advancement in this area lately.

However, one key element that is still not there is access to a trigger “When subitem is created…” in the automations. This trigger does now exist in the Integrations. Which enables the use of webhooks; which in turn enables the use of tools like Make/Integromat, Zapier and the like.

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