Subitem automation- assigning owner and creating item

Hi, I have an automation set up where if an owner is assigned on our project board, then it will duplicate the same item on the owner’s personal task board. This only works on items, but we also have assigned subtasks. I would like to set up a similar automation of ‘when subitem owner is assigned create item in board’, There isn’t an existing automation so I’m trying to use the custom builder, but I can’t seem to figure out the recipe. Can anyone help or have any suggestions please?

Hey @z_kolbeck, thanks for posting about this! What you’re looking for, where a subitem being assigned would trigger an item created in another board, is not possible at the moment, unfortunately. You can use a subitem being assigned as a trigger, but the available actions from that do not include an item being created on another (tasks) board. What would you think of using My Week instead of the task board? That way, items and subitems would show up in one place.

Hi Talia,

Thanks for your response. That’s a good suggestion and we should get into the habit of using the My Week function instead of duplicating tasks. Thanks so much!!!