Automatic subitem owner assigning

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Is there a custom recipe to automatically assign subitem creator as an owner of a subitem or at least owner of the main task?

We have board permissions set, so that only assignees to the people column can update items and create subitems.

At the moment subitem is empty, but nobody can do anything with it until board owner has assigned it to someone.

Are there any workarounds?

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I would recommend using a custom automation to do this: Build your own custom automation

If you use this recipe, you can click into “subitem” and choose who the owner will be:

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I have a simular situation, but in this automation the owner is set by the automation. I want to make an automation where the created subitem automaticly takes over the item owner as an owner.

With items you can do this with the automation:

But this doesn’t support subitems.

Seems there is also an error. For example if I would click create subitem it would sometimes automatically assign my colleague not myself.

@bramnaus Thanks for bringing this our attention and this is a known limitation which we are working to address. For some perspective, here’s an idea of the options we are currently considering:

  • Assign creator of parent item to subitem
  • Map column fields from parent item to subitem
  • Inherit the item column fields into the subitem via automation

Although we cannot offer a specific time frame for release, I would recommend monitoring your ‘What’s New’ section (profile picture → What’s New) for upcoming releases. Given your board has the ‘Edit rows assigned to them in the People column’ permission enabled, I may recommend exploring the option of utilizing a ‘team’ as the assignee.

When creating the custom recipe, you could set-up the following:

The idea would be that you create a team with all the relevant users, then when the item is created, this group of users would be able to edit the item accordingly.

How do you think this option would work for you?

You can see more here on how to create a team.