Assign subitem owner when item owner assigned

I’d appreciate a hand with assigning owners to items - I’m stumped.

When I assign a task to somebody, is there a way to automatically assign all subtasks to the same person? When I mouse over “Owner” it tells me “Your previous selections don’t include subitem context. Please select from the available columns.”

It appears the problem here is that monday cannot create a connection between item and subitem in this case. Only if the trigger was on a subitem level this would work.

Which is frustrating since I am looking for a similar automation. At this point something like that simply seems to be impossible.

But please let me know if you found a solution to creating a relation between item owners and subitems owners.

When I need this, I choose a subitem status (or other subitem column) then set up the thing I want in the parent item (people column), then it goes back to the subitem (people column).