Assigning owner of subitem through automations

I am working on setting up a board that would have subitems created via automation when a status is changed. I would like to figure out if when the Owner of the parent item is set, is there an automation that could trigger owners of subitems?

To add another layer to this, there may be multiple owners of subitems. I added an Owner (by Role) drop down and set this up automatically in the automation to identify if it would be assigned to ‘owner 1’ or ‘owner 2’, as an example.

Is there a way in which I can set an automation to fill in the owner based on what was assigned in the parent item?
So as an example: Person A is assigned as owner 1 on the parent item. I need Person A to automatically be assigned to certain subitems.

Has anyone been able to tackle this or something similar?

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Hey there! :wave:

While this exact automation is not possible at the moment, you could use an automation recipe like the following:

In the above recipe, you set a specific person to be repeated in the subitem if that person is owner of the item.

Unfortunately, you would have to set up a recipe like this for each person that can be assigned to items in that board in order to achieve the effect you’re looking for.

Alternatively, you could use the subitem parent roll-up feature to reflect all the subitem owners in the parent item! Here’s more information on that.

Do either of those ideas sound do-able? Let me know your thoughts!

I’m very interested in this feature as well. Seems quite basic and necessary. Unfortunately, the above solution is not viable or extensible do to the need separate automations for each individual.

Can we please add this as a feature?