Linked tasks on Monday Docs- how to update status on linked board by ticking item on to-do list

hello. I have recently started filing company meeting notes on a Monday board (the Meeting Notes board), and using the Monday Docs template to write the associated linked notes.

In the Doc, I write action points in a to-do list (with the Checklist functionality) and then turn each action point into an item on an associated task tracker board.

There are a few things I want to be able to achieve with this workflow:

  1. When someone goes back into the meeting notes in the Monday doc, and they tick off an action point in the Checklist because they have completed the task, I want the associated task item in the task tracker board to automatically update the status to Done, and vice versa (if someone updates the board, the item will tick off on the Doc)
  2. When all action points aka task items in the Monday Doc for meeting notes are ticked off, I want to update a status on the associated item in the Meeting Notes Board to say that All Tasks are Resolved (aka everything from that meeting is Done)
  3. When I add attendees to the Person column on the Meeting Notes Board, I want that to automatically be added to the Doc, or vice versa. I have to add attendees twice now.
  4. When I add the meeting date in the Date column on the Meeting Notes Board, i want the date to automatically be added to the Doc, or vice versa. Currently I need to double up on entering the meeting date.

Monday Docs are very promising and a potentially cool feature, but there seems to be very limited syncing/automations/ integrations between them and board items?


Did you get any responses on your inquiry? I am struggling with ways to keep my meeting notes within and not have to duplicate effort or have a bunch of docs in my navigation. Your process sounds promising but I agree, I would not want to enter data twice. Thanks!