SHOCKED: No shortcut to create task?

Loving - but can not believe this short cut doesn’t exist.

It is time - even if you have to be using the desktop app instead of the web app - we need a shortcut to create a new task (or row).

There are shortcuts for creating new Groups and new Columns, but not one for creating new tasks directly from the keyboard.

Would love a “Shift+Enter” or something of the sort to create a new task without having to click through it. I understand that selecting which Group to create the task on could be an issue, but it would be fairly intuitive to create them on the last Group interacted with, or give you the option (via “Shift+Down” etc) to choose which group it gets entered into.

The use-cases here are infinite, it just makes creating new tasks that much easier.

I agree… especially since the ability to create a new item in a group is present (using Shift +Enter of course) but only while already actively adding items (i.e. while editing the title of one task/item, using the shortcut to create a new one).

Hey, hope you’re all well.

I’d like to be able to create a new item in a table from the keyboard, without needing to click with a mouse.

Intuitively, a shift-return or cmd-return hotkey would make sense to me.

Hope this is helpful.


I agree! This is something that ClickUp has that I absolutely LOVE!


There are so many hotkeys that let you skip clicking all together. This helps out those of us who aren’t keen on using the mouse, but also lets those who enjoy using a mouse to do their thing. This is a improvement that I think a lot of people will appreciate.



We’ve got shortcuts for Create New Group (Ctrl+Shift+G) and Create New Column (Ctrl+Shift+C).

We could definitely use a Create New Item shortcut. Hopefully it already exists and we haven’t found it yet.:crossed_fingers:t2:


Wow! I didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip!

All shortcuts are listed here:

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Thank you for the link!

In fact, if you click on your profile avatar in the bottom LHS sidebar, you’ll find a link to the shortcuts in the Explore section:


Anything progressed with this feature request? I am not able to find anything new.
Many missing keyboard shortcuts - such as delete line, copy, paste, new line, and more.


Being able to create a new item from the keyboard would by far be the most valuable keyboard shortcut.


I agree that this would be one of the most useful shortcuts in Monday. What’s the status on this?

This is absolute nonsense… If I could only have two shortcuts they would be quick search and quick add…

When you implement this, please allow adding the task to a specific workspace/board/section/etc. and adding labels/assignee/date/etc. all from the quick add bar. Look at how ToDoist implemented this as an example.

I was thinking about switching to for Personal and my business but quick navigation/entry is a must-have for me…

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Any work on shortcut for adding of Item ?

Absolutely needed. We will move to an alternative if it won’t be implemented within a week.


Any updates on this? Seems like a pretty basic feature to be missing.

Agree. Pretty basic and pretty ridiculous that 2 years later this still is not implemented.

Is there a admin that is looking at this topic? It would be nice to at least have an explanation on if and when this can be a thing. Or at least an explanation of why it isn’t a thing.


I’m confused as to how I’m supposed to even use without the ability to quickly add items/tasks.

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