Nested Tasks - Split up tasks as much as you need, not just once

Nested tasks. I love that you are able to create sub-elements, but it would be even nicer if you could create sub-elements for sub-elements and so on, and then just seamlessly drag&drop them into one-another (a bit like photoshop layers).

Currently sub-elements feature their own columns, but to make nesting of tasks easier it would probably be fine to maintain the same columns for all nested elements, so that one doesn’t have to care about converting column values when moving elements up/down the nested hierarchy - although this is debatable.

Why do I want this?
We use Scrum. Within Scrum you could have milestones, then stories, then tasks, and then sub-tasks (and maybe sub-tasks for those). I noticed that splitting up a tasks into small, processable steps makes defining the workload easier and motivates one since instead of having to tackle one big task, one can tackle each sub-task at a time. In short it provides motivation, positive reinforcement and offers better time management. It would be amazing if Monday would offer a way for us to split up tasks as much as any team member would like to.

Our current workaround
Currently we use two boards, one for stories and one for tasks. These tasks are then linked to the stories on the second board and can have sub-tasks - although these can’t have any more subtasks. It feels like a convoluted mess and is not an optimal solution.