NEW APP - AI Copilot APP (AI Automation & Files & Docs)

AI Copilot: Boost with AI by seamlessly integrating ChatGPT for intelligent automation. It generates automated responses, streamlines tasks, and offers AI-powered insights, enhancing project management and teamwork.

Furthermore, it enhances your workflow across board items, columns, updates, and docs with a comprehensive feature set, boosting collaboration within the platform.

How to use and demo video
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  • AI Docs

    • Using AI Copilot you will be able to generate text using predefined actions by applying the command on your Block/Doc content.

    • Many different actions you can do:

      • Summarize blocks content.
      • Translate blocks content.
      • Simplify blocks content.
      • Correct grammer blocks content.
      • Make Blocks content larger.
      • Generate keywords and hashtags.
      • More actions to replace the older content.
  • Automations & Integrations Recipes

    • What is the available triggers and actions in predefined integrations ?
      • Perform custom prompt command on item name when item is created using automation, form or monday users.
      • Perform prompt command on item updates when update is created.
      • Perform prompt command on item columns when status is changed.
      • Perform prompt command on files.
      • Perform prompt command on Emails.

What you can do using the predefined integrations ? (Use Casses)

  • Generate Social media Post when status is changed to something.
  • Generate Social media Post when new item is created.
  • Generate hashtags when new update is created.
  • Generate Product description when new item is created.
  • Extract Invoice number or total price when invoice pdf file or image is uploaded.
  • Extract email from CV file when job form is submitted.
  • Summarize Email when update is created.
  • Generate task description when new task is created.
  • Generate subtasks as subitems when feature is created.
  • Generate email reply when new email update is created.
  • Translate text to English when status is changed to English.
  • Translate text to French when status is changed to French.
  • Suggest bug solution when the bug report is created.
  • Extract text from image.
  • Summarize multiple pdf files when uploaded.

More and more use cases can be handled by current integrations, start to customize it.

:file_folder: Extract Text from PDF files and images and save the content in Long Text Column

Important News: You will be able to perform the prompt on pdf files and images using integrations to extract specific content from the files or images, or summarize the files

Different ways to save the output:

  • Save as new item in target group
  • Save as subitems
  • Save as new update
  • Save the output in specific column

Wide and different type of integrations are available:

Monday WorkDocs are supported

Predefined workspace templates can help you to achieve best value from the app.