New Community Design!

Hey Community!

We are official LIVE with our new and improved community forum. Our team has been hard at work and we are super excited to finally share our upgraded look with you!

Please be patient while our forum is updating, as you may notice some delays. As always we value the opinion of everyone in our community and would love to hear your thoughts on our new design!


Hi Juliette,

Like the new design :slight_smile:. Is it possible to remove (or seriously shrink) the blus banner at the top of the page. It takes up almost the full screen and I have to scroll past it to see new and latest topics.

Hey Bas!

Thanks for this feedback. Will see what we can do! Any other thoughts? Comment below :slight_smile: We will be working on fixing up our look throughout the week.

Thank you - it would be great to see some effort into making sure the community forum is accessible to users with disabilities - see this post in the WebAIM WAVE tool for an example of some of the issues:

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Great feedback! Thanks for showing this!

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