Ngrok Alternative

I am trying to make my .js file available publicly for a webhook. I have previously used ngrok to make this happen but ngrok’s free version has a time limit of 8 hours. Are their any ngrok alternatives that provide no time limit and a static url to keep in the monday webhook?

Hey @cbacon!

ngrok is awesome for local testing, but it does have that time limitation on the free version. Instead of alternatives to ngrok, I’d recommend considering cloud hosting providers like AWS, GCP or Heroku. These services let you run your code on their machines, and take the hassle out of setting up your own server, making sure it’s accessible to the public web, etc etc.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to ngrok’s tunneling tech (and have a server at a public URL already), you could set up a connection between that server and your local machine using a reverse SSH tunnel. Here’s a guide how on how.

Hope that helps! :crystal_ball:

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Thanks @dipro. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Do I use Google Cloud Run for the webhook url or some other service at Google?

I think GCP Run would work. But honestly, I’m not an expert with GCP – maybe someone else on the community can help here?

@cbacon We were thinking about using Cloud Functions on GCP but didn’t manage to get it working yet.

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A quick alternative is localtunnel. Install it locally with npm install -g localtunnel and change your package.json to use localtunnel: instead "expose": "ngrok http 8301", use "expose": "lt --port 8301"

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legend! thank you @kioleanu