Numbers column prefix and suffix i.e. $6.2M

For financial numbers, it often could be useful to talk about thousands, millions, or billions. It’s easier to read “$6.2M” than “$6,200,000”. And the numbers would look nicer down the column to see $6.2M, $5.1M, $1.3M, etc, vs seeing $6.2, $5.1, $1.3, with the reminder just in the column description that “numbers are in millions”.

Right now you can select either L or R for the unit and type any unit, which is great. This request would be to allow having a L and R unit. The L unit would be $ and the R unit would be M or B.


Hey @cberman, I think this is a great idea! Your example is super straightforward and makes a lot of sense, I’d love to see this implemented. I think there are also other more custom use-cases where others would find this feature beneficial.


I agree.

I wanted to see how difficult it would be to do it with a formula. Here’s what I came up with. It dynamically adjusts to display K, M, B, T, for thousands up through trillions. It can easily be adjusted for fixed millions, billions, etc. and to change the number of decimal placed shown.

TEXT({Rate/Hr} / 1000 ^ MIN(4, MAX(0, ROUNDDOWN(LOG(ABS({Rate/Hr}), 10) / 3, 0))), "$#,##0.0") & CHOOSE(MIN(4, MAX(0, ROUNDDOWN(LOG(ABS({Rate/Hr}), 10) / 3, 0))) + 1, "", "K", "M", "B", "T")

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