Office Hours

Welcome to community office hours!

Our office hours consist of weekly 45 minute sessions where our team will address beginner to intermediate level questions. Each session will have 15 spots open for anyone from our community to join. If you don’t see your desired space below the spots may already be filled. Not to worry this is the start of many sessions, every Wednesdays at 5PM EST to be exact :slight_smile: .

Fill out the attached form with you preference in dates to receive a registration link. These are smaller intimate sessions so spots fill up fast!


Hi Juliet, will there be any sessions at different timezones as this is quite late for the UK?


Hey Caitlin,

We understand that our community scans across the globe, so certainly aim to offer sessions that cater for as many timezones as possible! We will definitely look into a more universal time as these sessions continue into the future, and keep you updated via the community on upcoming office hour dates/times.

For the moment, will be posting questions/answers via a dedicated office hours thread for your reference and once that thread is available we will let you know :pray:

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