Old School WBS in a Modern App?

I am a Project Manager with large non-profit healthcare organization. I introduced the organization to Monday.com after using it with a vendor. I’m happy to say that everyone loves it and uses it heavily. What’s not to love!?

We recently took a look at project plans and have decided to go back to basics and implement a WBS with our project plan. I’d like to know if anyone has successfully linked a WBS to a simple project plan that follows the PMBOK methodology?
If so, what does this look like for you and have you had success in using it?

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Ilicia Lopez
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Hey @ilicia.lopez, so glad to hear you are loving monday.com! I’d definitely like to learn more so I can help. Could you let me know what features you like from WBS and PMBOK specifically? What pain points do you have that inspired you to look into WBS and PMBOK? Then I can give you some tips for monday.com :blush:

Hey @ilicia.lopez

@TRB-monday.com hope you don’t mind me pitching in :slight_smile:
I would suggest checking out this webinar which shows how to manage a project life cycle with monday.com including a board for WBS: https://monday.zoom.us/rec/share/5e9Vf5utz3pJbq_X5lPUdox4G73qaaa8hygZqPYIzkcXBDwHys7xO7groKmrxvTC?startTime=1591196137000

Let me know if it helps?