Opening multiple windows desktop app

Is there an option to open multiple windows of the desktop app, so I can open two different boards on the same time next to each other?


Hey Momo! Have you tried opening monday in the desktop version and browser version at the same time? Or having the browser version open with multiple tabs? :blush:

Hey Charlotte,

Yes that was I’m using now, but I was wondering if it also was possible in the desktop app :slight_smile:

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I too, have a need for this. Being able to open more than one window would allow me to play audio and read along with copy sent with the project. Being able to open multiple windows would be a huge help.

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As a user, I’d strongly recommend using the browser version of, for exactly this reason. Also take note that it performs differently depending on browser. Certain features do not function correctly in Safari, for example. Chrome is typically the most reliable choice.

for me the browser version creates distractions and allows me to very easily click out of Monday and get off-track. i am trying to put all of my work in but i am having trouble because i don’t spend enough time in there.