Org chart widget not working in Board

Per checking org chart widget is not working when added inside a chart view in Board. Kindly check. Thank you

Hey John,

Can you try testing this behaviour in an incognito window? If the behaviour continues, can you let me know if this is isolated to this one board or are you running into this issue across all boards? Thanks for your help!

Hi Bianca,
It’s not working on incognito and other browser. Also, not isolated on one board.

Oh no! Can you please reach out to our support team via Contact support - Help Center so that our technical team can investigate this behaviour? You’re welcome to reference this thread :pray:

I did and inform me to post it on community.

I have sent you a direct message about this John!

Hi @BiancaT was there ever a fix found for this? I am having the same exact issue. Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

sorry for the delay here. I looked into this and there is an existing limitation when using the Org chart widget in a dashboard within a board . Instead, if you are using the The Org chart widget in in a regular dashboard, it should work!

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