Org Chart Usefullness?

Hello Community!

New to Enterprise features and trying to determine best practrice for the Org Chart feature. Does it need to be added to a board?

It would make sense if there was a board with the user account info that we could mirror. I’ve created a staff board (with a Card View) and hand populated the same info, but now I’ve created double work of entering that data on the back end in each user profile AND the new staff board.

What is the purpose of the Org Chart if it’s not linked to a board with user info?

What am I missing?


Hi @msfelton did you ever hear back about this org chart widget? I am trying to connect it as dashboard view from a board and it won’t allow me to do that. It looks like it the widget only pulls people that are in the account and just on a normal dashboard. I don’t want to create an employee directory and an org chart that isn’t connected. Monday - can you help out here please?

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No, @jennistrong34 I have not heard back. I’ve given up. :upside_down_face:

Amy, I just found the org chart widget as well and would like to understand how to add more information as well as links to project boards. Otherwise, I am not sure how it is useful besides displaying the team nicely.

Still looking for help Monday!
Thanks in advance.


Hi, looks like there’s a lot of potential for org charts to link - but any new info on whether it’s available now? Thank you -