Parse Error on items_page_by_column_values (API)


I am trying to write a Python program with the API to return some information from a specific board.

I have had success querying, but this board contains over a thousand items, and I only need information on around 50 or so at a time.

I have been trying to incorporate items_page_by_column_values into my query to filter the items but keep getting a Parse Error.

This is what I have written:

query = "{items_page_by_column_values (limit: 10, board_id: , columns: [{column_id: '‘, column_values: [’_____']}]) {items {name}}}

I have tried to copy my code on the example found here. Items page by column values

But the JSON I get out says “Parse error on “'” (error) at [1, 87]”.

I have also tried using items_page but found other errors.

I am very new to not only Monday, but programming in general. Any advice would be appreciated.