Documentation Bug for Items by Multiple Column Values

Good morning Monday Community (and evening for those down under),

I have found an error in the current documentation regarding your newly released Items by Multiple Column Values. The input for the column values as shown below is incorrect.

When running the query against the API, it returns the following error message.

{'message': "Field 'items_by_multiple_column_values' doesn't accept argument 'column_value'", 'locations': [{'line': 1, 'column': 82}], 'fields': ['query', 'items_by_multiple_column_values', 'column_value']}

I have identified that column_values is indeed the correct parameter. As this feature is very useful for our current ongoing projects, it would be greatly appreciated if this update could be made for the rest of the community.

This feature will be released with the latest version of Moncli later today.

Thank you very much and happy coding!



Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Oh, you are absolutely right. I’ve just made sure that the documentation states “column_values” and not “column_value”.

Thanks so much for providing the MonCLI client as well, I’m sure it is extremely helpful to many developers.


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