Pinned Columns in Dashboards

I made my first dashboard and it appears that the columns which I have pinned on the board do not stay pinned on the dashboard. It makes it nearly impossible to use the dashboard when you have tons of rows. It becomes very difficult to know what item you are working on. Is there any way to make my pinned columns stay pinned within the dashboard or is there some workaround to re-pin them?

Hey @DavePDI, thanks for posting about this!!

To make sure I’m understanding correctly—you say you have tons of rows, but pinning columns is for scrolling horizontally (and not vertically), so do you also have many columns?

Have you thought about using a filter on your dashboard widget or hiding/collapsing columns (if it’s a table widget) to make the dashboard easier to read? Let me know what you think!

I apologize. I made a mistake in terminology. The tables have tons of columns and we need them all. There is the ability to pin them while viewing the table in a board, but not while viewing the table in a dashboard it seems? Not sure if I am just not finding it.