Viewing a table in a dashboard with less information than is on the board

This question may have been asked and I apologize if it has. Maybe I am not searching for the right terms.

I have a table within a board that has information I need to share with some team members, however they do not need access to all of the information in that board. I thought I could create a dashboard which contains that board and just remove the columns of information that should not be available to them, but when I remove a column from the dashboard, it removes the column from the original board table.

Is there a way to show every group contained within a board’s table to a handful of users without showing every column that is in that table?

Thank you so much for any offered assistance.

Hi Dave,

I haven’t figured out a way to hide columns in the dashboard table widget (I don’t think it currently has the capability), but there are a few other methods that might give you what you’re looking for.

The usefulness of some of these options depends on the number of team members who have access to the main board and how many additional team members you want to share the specific information with. Also, the level of confidentiality of the extra columns dictates the practicality of these options.

  1. If the columns just contain information of no relevance to the additional team members and you just want them to focus on certain columns, you can try the hide columns feature (see pic below). Here, you can deselect the columns you don’t want the team members to view and save it as a new view within that main board.
  • image
  1. If the information is more confidential, you can change the permissions on the columns in the main board so that only select people can see that information. This might become tedious to update with role changes and for teams with many members.

  2. Depending on the type of data you want to display, another option might be to try different widgets within the dashboard and filter the view.

  3. A more left field option could be to create a new board that links to the main board and mirror the relevant columns within the new board. It might be best to have an automation that does this. This option is probably the lease practical.

I hope one of these helps you. Best of luck.

Hi Mac,

I contacted with the same problem as Dave and was given a solution to add a table to the dashboard with hidden columns (and not affecting the original table), so I’ll share it here.

  1. On your table hide the columns you want to hide and save and name that view.
  2. Where you named the new view, there is a 3 dot menu beside it. select and choose ‘share’
  3. Copy the embed code and use the embed anything widget to show the view in the dashboard

But this does mean that the board will be viewable by anyone with the link so if you table contains confidential info this may not be an option.

Anyway hope this is useful to someone.