Dashboard Table Widget - Separate Display Setup from Board

When adding a Table widget to a Dashboard, it currently is simply a view of that table from the source board, and any changes you make to show/hide columns or information on the Dashboard view makes those same changes to the board as well.

I’d like to have the ability to separately customize what information from a table displays on a Dashboard since many columns on the Board view are TMI for a Dashboard summary view, without making any changes to the source board.


Hey @MikeTheRed - This sounds like a very good addition to the dashboards :ok_hand:

Such addition to the Table widget is not yet on our roadmap, but I’d be happy to pass this to our product team to discuss for future sprints :upside_down_face:

Could elaborate and share your use-case so I can better deliver your input?


Sure thing!

On Board A I have every task listed out with information like Summary, Owner, Task Type, Estimate, Due Date, Timeline, Status, etc.

On a Project Dashboard I’d to see a quick summary of tasks that have gone past date, so I can quickly see what the problem spots are. That table would just list: Summary, Status, Due Date, filtered to only show tasks past their date. Any additional information isn’t really relevant from a top-level standpoint

Hey @MikeTheRed - For this workflow specifically, we suggest using the High-level Board And of course you can add The mirror column to link with data from the original board.

The main purpose of the table widget is to give the possibility of viewing different groups from different boards all-together. Do you think the high-level board would work?