Platform Slowdown/Lag/general poor performance

Hey there, i am wanting to see if there is anyone else who can either shine some light on some issues that my company has been experiencing for a week or so now.

Basically the system has become so insanely slow and clunky that it is basically impossible to use without generating a considerable amount of contempt.

This is ranging from small projects to medium all the way up to larger projects.
So the board size does not appear to be the issue.

So just seems like the systems optimization has taken a hit recently.
First time we noticed this was when someone reported that they could no longer put emoji’s in the title of boards. So something on the backend has definitely changed as opposed to something we’ve built but i’d be happy to hear to the contrary.

I’m hoping this can be resolved fairly quick as it’s taken some time to win people over, for that to now being tested by something outside of our control.

many thanks

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Hey @SamGee.

We are really sorry to hear this and certainly understand the frustration here.

Taking a look at the date of your post, I can confirm that we were experiencing intermittent platform issues from June 11th which resulted in slow and compromised performance across most aspects of the platform. We believe that this would have been the primary contributor to the issues you had been experiencing. That said, can you please confirm if you’re still experiencing performance issues? We can begin investigating as soon as possible :pray:

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