Please help! Moving Groups to a different board


What are the possible reasons why I get an error that I can’t move a group to another board in the same workspace? It gives me an error that “we couldn’t move the board”

Please help! Thank you!

Update: The workaround I did:

  1. Duplicated the exact board.
  2. Moved the group from Board A to the Duplicate Board with all items and updates.


When i checked the duplicated board, the updates where not copied at all. Nor the files that were loaded in them

This is very frustrating!

Hey @TJ_S ,

Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, can you please send a support ticket to with a recording of the steps you are taking? All the items, updates, and files should be moving with the group when you move it to a new board so we would love to investigate this!


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