[Poll] New Monday App Ideas!

  • [1] AI-Powered Automations
  • [2] Automate Send Branded Email
  • [3] Cross-Board Search & Update
  • [4] 2-way sync between Monday and Google Sheets
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Hello Monday Community,

I’m Fitri from NewAge, and we’re excited to create apps that enhance your Monday.com experience. We’ve brainstormed a few ideas and would love your input on which ones you’re most excited about:

  1. AI-Powered Automations: Utilize AI prompts in your automations. Whether it’s generating values before automatically applying them to a column or preparing customized content for emails or notifications. Say goodbye to mundane tasks of updating columns and generic messages—get personalized tailored content every time.

    For example: When the status changes to something, run the following prompt: “Create a message inviting ‘People’ to a meeting on the following ‘Date’ & apply it to Column ‘Message’.”

  2. Automate Send Branded Email: Send professional branded emails automatically from Monday, with support for HTML customization.

  3. Cross-Board Search & Update: Easily search for information across various boards, including items not linked by connect columns, and dynamically update items based on specific conditions. Automatically find items based on the value of a certain column in one board, and then trigger actions like changing columns or creating/updating items in another board accordingly.

    For example: When status changes to something in Board A, find an item in Board B based on the values of a column in Board A & change a column in Board B from the input of Board A or create an update in Board B from the input of Board A.

  4. 2-way sync between Monday and Google Sheets: Sync your Google Sheets with Monday.com, ensuring that updates made in Google Sheets are reflected in the Monday board and vice versa. Bring your data together effortlessly, reducing the time needed to manage both platforms and empowering you to create centralized dashboards with ease.

We’re eager to hear which of these ideas would enhance your Monday.com experience the most.

Please use the poll to pick your top 2 App ideas and suggest any other ideas you have in mind in the reply section. Your feedback drives our development!

Thanks for being awesome!