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Hi everyone and monday team,

So I’m creating an app that will set the status to items and subitems and I’m going to replicate the behavior that Monday has on the boards. Clicking the column and showing a popover with the different statuses.

I was looking first on this page https://design.monday.com/03276924d/v/6479/p/749b54-popover and I noticed that you have that component Popover, but then I find the actual Github page of the react component GitHub - mondaycom/monday-ui-react-core: Official monday.com UI resources for application development in React.js together with the storybook, and it does not mention the popover there. In the storybook, there is not even a Dialog example.

With this background, my question is: Is there a way I can implement the popover with something that you guys have, or do I need to build it from scratch? There are no issues with that. But would be cool if you guys already have something that I can use.

I appreciate your time,

Best regards.

Joel Barranco

Hi @Ellebkey, welcome to our community!

Ahh yes, you are indeed correct that at this time, the Popover component on our Design.monday.com page isn’t available in our GitHub ui-react-core repo.

This is because this page is just a kit or guide offering general guidelines for making your app more monday.com-like in UI.

Feel free to navigate to Style.monday.com for React components for use. Heads up though, there isn’t 100% overlap between the Design page and the Style page.

I hope this helps!

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