Possible BUG: choosing more than 1 item in a Connect column with limit to 1 item

Hi, we have been able to choose more than one item in a connected board which was configured to “Not allow linking to multiple items”. In order to reproduce:

  1. Add a connect column to any board;
  2. Configure the connected column to not allow linking to multiple items;
  3. Create an item;
  4. In the “Connected column” choose one item from the connected board;
  5. Monday will show the chosen item in the “Connected column cell” (correct);
  6. In the “Connected column”, click on the cell backgroud (the tiny space around the conected item name and the boarders of the cell);
  7. Monday will open the connected board items list for you to choose ANOTHER item (even if you already have one or more items chosens)
  8. Repeat step 7 again to choose more items.

Can someone confirm this, please?

hi @EyalSeagull

I di see the same behavior on my side. I would recommend to contact support on this one.

Hi @basdebruin , thanks for the confirmation. I will contact them.