Possible to have one date column automatically populate cell in adjacent column with an adjusted date?

Hi folks,

New to monday.com, but feeling good about configuring and programming it to our needs.

One of those needs is the creation of a Sales Pipeline and Lead Tracking system, where Lead Owners can view their progress in our outreach program, and receive automated reminders and calendar dates that assist us in staying on top of new client cultivation.

In that Lead Tracking system, I would like to have the input of an Initial Outreach Date and Outreach Status change trigger the automatic populating of another column of the same item line, called Next Outreach Date. When the Next Outreach Date comes due, this automation should then trigger a notification around next steps.

Currently, I have created custom automations that push the date in the Initial Outreach Date column forward a prescribed amount of days based on the status change in the Outreach Status column. However, when running test cases, this automation can quickly become confusing if a mistake is made because the original date is lost in the push. My preference is to keep that original date as a reference point, at least for a given marketing cycle, and have a new column that populates the appropriate pushed date aligning with the change in the status column.

I was unable to find anything online after multiple searches, and in fact what I did find in my Custom Automation Field’s options as well as Tutorials is that this is not possible.

Does anyone have a suggestion on this? All feedback will be appreciated!

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Is there a reason you can’t create the next outreach date column, and have a custom recipe of

When status changes →
Set Next Outreach to today,
and then push Next Outreach by X days.

Hey there! Just wanted to pop in and see if you’re still looking for some guidance setting this up. If so, please shoot us an email at support@monday.com and we’d be happy to help! :blush: