Problem To Setup development environment - Quick Start Guide with CLI

Getting ERROR when using along with CLI the quick start guide - Set up your development environment (section)

I’ve tried the video guide along with the text guide following the instructions line by line
with the 2 Cases getting the same error like I share in the image below

Hey @RonFybish ,

what version of npm and node do you run?


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Looks like your user (that CMD is opened from) doesn’t have permissions to C:\Users\Ron folder (which npm needs to make a temporary installation of the module).
Try to open CMD with admin rights.

As an alternative, you can just clone/download this github repository:, navigate to /apps/quickstart-react folder and execute commands:

  1. npm install
  2. npm run start
  3. go to “http://localhost:4040/status” and get your public ngrok URL from the “Tunnels/command_line” section
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hi, brother version - 6.14.4, but thank you for the response it worked for me when I did it with GitHub code example (quick-start).

thanks, brother, that what I did after the CMD commend didn’t work.
your solution is perfect just like you wrote!

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Glad we got this solved!