Problems with Gantt Chart's Critical Path

I am having a problem with the critical path of a Gantt Chart. I have a board with several groups, I want to see the critical path for each group separate and that is working, my problem starts when I have dependencies between groups. It should not affect, but when a Task/item is dependent between other groups is impacting the Critical Path view of the specific groups. If I remove the dependency from the other groups, I can see the Critical Path. But that is not the point. I do not want to remove the dependencies because at the end I want to see the critical path for all the board. I really need to understand what is going on with the dependencies that does not allow me to see the critical path in specific groups of the board.

Have you tried creating and saving filtered views of the GANTT chart for each Group? This may allow you to display the independent critical path for each Group, whilst retaining a single GANTT view with a wholistic CP for the entire board. I appreciate this may not be practical if you have a lot of groups on your board.

Sadly the different views / filters only allow the CritPath on item level, not on subitem level, where most of complex processes and actions with their different dependencies are.

That means, if you have a few time intensive items in your group, it might only show you
CP: Item1>Item 2
instead of
SI1>SI2/SI3ss>SI4>SI7>SI9 which would give me a much clearer project overview based on dependencies and timelines/ due dates that need to be met.