Critical Path shown on subitem level


I will keep it simple:

Please allow functionality to show the critical path in Gantt down to subitems without taking items into account.

Right now, if an item is quite lengthy, but contains 20+ subitems with different kinds of dependencies, it is not very helpful that the system tells me, that the critical path is “item 1 > item 2”;

Instead I would like to see it more in a format of "SI1> SI 3> SI 12> SI15/17 SS> SI 6> …

That would give me an instant overview about my whole project and critical processes and actions within my working packages in sub projects.

The filter functions to single out a sub project are also not the most user friendly and intuitive but at least manageable. And even when I single out a sub project and hide the work packages in settings, then the result still shows no changes. (See picture 1 and 2)

pls give an easy option for critical path down to subitems or make filters show subitems only.

PS: Wish the pdf export would also show dependencies :wink: