Programatically update automations & integrations on board using API

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Is/will it be possible to ever get and mutate a boards automations or integrations in GraphQL?


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As of now, it’s not currently possible to add or remove automations or integrations via the GraphQL API. While it certainly might be possible in the future, it’s not on our immediate roadmap and I don’t foresee it happening in the coming months.

With that said, you can manually add automations or integrations via the UI, and then utilize the API call to trigger them. So, for example, if an automation is triggered upon a specific Status Column change, if you generate that Status Column change via the API, it will then trigger the relevant automation :slight_smile:




Any update on this at this point in time?

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I’m also interested in this. Automations should be accessible via API. They are impossible to maintain at any modest scale if they do not support inheritance nor are callable via API.

Same here… this is really a deal breaker for us…
we really need to configure the integration programatically.

Hello everyone!

I do not have an ETA on this feature but I will make sure of adding your votes to it so that it hopefully gets moved up in the list :muscle:


This feature is highly deserved. Currently is impossible to alter automations across all boards when talking about hundreds of boards.

Other solution would be inheritance, so we would only alter the template, cascading the changes to dependent boards.

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I hope you like it here :muscle:

I have added your vote to this feature request!

Thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Any updates on this feature request?

Hello @EBashkoff!

We do not have any updates about this at the moment. Any changes regarding this will be anounced in our changelog :slightly_smiling_face:


Bumping this because I’ve heard it brought up by other customers.

Please vote on this feature if you want to see it added to our roadmap! We use community votes to track how popular a request is and it’s key to prioritize between new features.

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+1 for this. It would be great to be able to offer this to our app users and save them some manual set up steps.

Hi @divory,

Did you vote at the top of the page?

+1 for this, we would love to be able to use an integration recipe triggered from a custom trigger as a core functionality of our app but requiring customers to manually install them is a deal breaker for us.