Publishing Daily Allocations Board

Hi all,

Just wondering how I would go about adding a “publish” feature for an allocations board I have set up.

Once I have a job number assigned to each person who is available to work each day, I would like an email sent out to each working employee telling them which site they will be going to the following day. The email will need to include the Site manager’s name, number and email. Along with this, I would like to be able to have an email sent out to assigned Site managers, giving them a list of who is assigned to their site each day.

Finally, would also need a way to log the different daily allocations so we can reference these at the end of each day.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Hey Peter,

Would you consider setting up an email or platform notification via our automation?

This way you can also customise the notification message with the relevant column information. If your employee has email notifications set up, they will receive this as an email too.

As for the site managers, you can set up a similar notification to notify them once that job’s been assigned, ensuring you’ve included the people column (assignee) in the notification body.

As for logging daily allocations, is this something that could also happen within the board - through a seperate column?

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