Pull array of available status options


I’m trying to query a specific status column on a board so that I can pull in it’s available status choices for a custom form. Is the columns {settings_str} the only way to do this? this is the format I get back:

labels: {0: “Status 1”, 1: “Status 2”, 5: “Status 3”}

My hope was to get an array back that would be easier to iterate through. Is the above format my only option or is there a better way to query what I’m looking for? any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Mike!

Yes, at the moment that’s the way the status settings are formatted.

If I wanted to iterate through this, I’d use something like the Object.keys() method in Javascript, or the dict.keys() method in Python. Both approaches let you take a hash table and turn in to an iterable :slight_smile:

What do you think?

Hi Dipro!

That will work! Thank you very much! I just wanted to make sure that this was the best way to query that information.