Quarterly Budget

I am trying to make a dashboard for our donations program. It is budget by the quarter and I have my board setup total and show each quarters total spent. What I cannot seem to figure out though, is how to show how much of the quarters budget is left in either the board itself, or the dashboard. Ideally I would like a pie chart for displaying this.

Any input would be much appreciated,

Hey Bill,

It might be helpful to grab a visual of your current set up, just so we can understand how to approach displaying this is in your desired format based on the board set-up. I understand this information is sensitive, so would you be able to duplicate the board and adjust some information so we can take a closer look? :pray:

It is pretty straight forward

Value of Donation is the sum of physical good, the next includes any shipping costs for the donation.

The two cash columns are for cash vs physical goods

So this is where things get tricky. This board has four groups by quarter (Q1, Q2 etc) and my user wants a running tally of what is left from each quarters budget ($750, yes, one entry is waaaay over budget, but that is luckily not my concern)

I was able to make it tell me what percent each entry represented of the Quarters budget and give this information in my Dashboard:

Ideally, all I want is a pie chart that will show each quarters’ expenditures in dollars, but also the remaining sum (assuming there is any). At this point, I would settle for just a number field too. I am soo close, yet so far.

Thanks for your help!

I reached out to mondays’ support and they suggested the Goal Widget. This is super close, but will not except a Formula column as input. If there is a way around this, it would work perfectly for my use case.

Thank you for this information Bill and for the update. I see how the Goal widget would work for you here and it’s unfortunate about the formula column limitation…

I understand it’s not ideal, however you could instead pull this into a numbers widget - although I recognise it doesn’t have the exact same effect.

Alternatively, you could utilise an app to cast the data in that formula column, into a numbers column, which would then allow you to pull that information into the goal widget. The app that might be best here is general caster.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for the input. I was able to setup general caster to make the Goal widget work.

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