Please help with a formula which Sum elements from another board

I´m creating a control board which basically gets feeds from other boards.
One of my column in this control board must present a Grand Total (Sum), of all elements in another board, but they must be filtered by “Person” and “Dates”.

Basically, just to make to provide further details.

The original board, has all potentials sales of one of our Sales Associates. They register hundreds of sales opportunities a week and my control board should present the result of how many sales (in QTY and Amout of Money) they will make based on Month and quarter.

I´ve been dealing with this for two weeks and definetly realized I need some expert help from the community.

Hope you guys can give me any idea on how to do this.

I honestly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.


Hi @TheLawrence

If an add-on is an option, suggest taking a look at our Screenful Analytics & Reports add-on, that can produce such reports. You can import any number of boards as data sources and then create charts and reports that combine data from those data sources. We have step-by-step guides for setting up the reports and you can always reach out to our support for more assistance.

There is a 21 day free trial so you can give it a try with your own data.

Hi @TheLawrence :wave:

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Rather than using a formula column, I wonder if a Dashboard might be a better option here?
The formula column has less functionality than the dashboards, so may be more suitable, and easier to roll out and maintain.

Dashboards allow you to pull data from one or multiple boards and use the data within different widgets.
These widgets allow you to manipulate the data, add filters etc, so they’re really great for reporting.

Based on your use case, I would recommend creating a Dashboard for each Sales Associate or each Sales team.
You can set up unlimited Dashboards on all of our paid plans :smile:
You can read about the Dashboards here: The Dashboards

In particular, you might like to check out these widgets:
The Numbers Widget - This could be useful if you just want to see the number of sales for a particular time period without any additional data
The Chart View and Widget - This is great for comparing data, such as sales per month or quarter. You could use this to easily compare how the employee is performing over time
The Goal Widget - See how close your team member is to hitting their sales goal for the month / quarter

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question!