Summing live data across multiple boards

Hi there - looking for some help. I have 2 Boards, one is our fundraising pipeline and the other is the revenue raised. Items move automatically from pipeline to revenue when the status changes to “paid”. Each Board is organized into Groups (donor type e.g. Board gifts, Corporate Sponsors, Foundations, etc.).

I am trying to very simply sum up the pipeline by Group, sum up the revenue by group, and add the two together to compare against our fundraising goal for each group…

I’ve tried Monday’s Pivot Board - but it doesn’t allow me to use Groups as the category. I’ve tried Live Spreadsheet and Smart Spreadsheet apps, but both have a glitch that when the automation happens from pipeline to revenue Boards, it does not update in either app. I’ve contacted the developers of both those apps to try and fix this glitch.

I could export the Boards to Google Sheets using the Google Automator but the data can only be updated daily. I want real-time, live data.

Please help!! Thank you!

Hey Sharanya,

Currently, we don’t have a way to just copy/mirror the sum of a column onto another board, also since formulas can only work horizontally (across items) and not vertically (down columns). The way to do this would be to create a connect boards+mirror column on the second board (revenue board), and connect each item from the original board (fundraising pipeline). Then in the mirror column, you can show the sum of each item, from whichever column you choose. Does this make sense? :pray:

Hi @sjaidev

I’m not quite sure if it’s a fit or not, but you might want to take a look at our Spreadsheet Gorilla app and try to replicate your use case. Though it doesn’t include updating your items “live”, but with a manual trigger.

Here is short video on how to use formulas across multiple boards, and cast it back to a board of your choice. The example differs from your use case, but might give an idea how to utilize the feature for yourself. If you have an Excel background, you will understand the concept quite easily I believe.

We are currently working on our revamped filter feature, which lets you narrow down your data by STATUS, GROUP and more. It’s going to be released within the next week most probably.

– Markus

thanks for the suggestion. this is a very annoying workaround but i think it could work. right now i use the contact name to connect the pipeline to revenue. what i’m thinking i could do is this: in our Contacts Database Board, i could add a mirror column for their pipeline value and a mirror column for their revenue raised value, and then use LiveSpreadsheet or PivotBoard to analyze

thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure why it costs $39/month. I don’t think that’s sustainable for us as a nonprofit, and it doesn’t seem to fully serve our needs. Appreciate it

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