Automatically show tabulated total from one board on another

I am trying to track and view sponsorships. I would like to have a master view on one board, that shows me key contact information along with summary data on the total amount a company has sponsored, along with the various events they have sponsored.

On a separate board, I list out each individual sponsorship received over the course of the year, with many companies having multiple sponsor entries. On the main board, I am trying to get the aggregate total sponsorship received to be shown by adding up each individual sponsorship received.

I am trying mirroring but it appears I have to manually select each row that I want to be included in the total, which sort of defeats the purpose of building out the boards. Is there an easy way to do this?


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Did you complete this sponsorship tracking? I’m in desperate need for a board meeting tonight

hi @David-ACT

Welcome to the community, a great place to learn! If you want to add each new item from board B to the mirror defined in board A you can do the following:

  • on board A create a connect_boards column and set it to create a two-way connection
  • now board B has also a connect_boards column, sometimes referred to as “the other side of the mirror”
  • on board B you can select the item in board A
  • using item defaults in board B where each new item links automatically to the item in board A
  • board A will now connect to each new item added to board B

Hope that helps.