Query for group items when creating a group

Hi y’all.
I’m creating a group in Monday using the Monday API.
This is what my query looks like:

    { create_group (board_id: <board_id>, group_name: "new group m8")
            items {

The response is:

{"error_code":"UserUnauthroizedException","status_code":403,"error_message":"User unauthorized to perform action","error_data":{}}

When I omit the items field (ask only for group title + id) there is no such problem.

Anyone run into a similar problem, any insight ?

hi @gabby-ply

Welcome to the community! I did not test this myself but (more in general) why would you like to return items from an empty groups that has just been created? A new group doesn’t contain any items. Do you mind sharing your end goal?