Query "items_by_column_values" has a significant delay between a post request and a get request


I have big delay’s between a post and a get request, around 3-5 minutes. This happens only with “items_by_column_values” query and not the normal “query”.

Is there such a option in default “query” where I can fetch the data by a specific value?
If anyone had this same Issue how did you manage to work around It?

Thank you, any advice is much appreciated!

Hello @Razvan!

items_by_column_values take a little longer than other queries to be able to retrieve new information after the change occurs. It should take around 32 seconds from the moment of the change for the new values to be available for this particular query.

If in fact, it is taking you minutes, please send all the information to appsupport@monday.com including:

  • Board ID
  • Item ID of the item being changed
  • The change (column ID and what change was made)
  • The full query after the change
  • Timestamp of the query after the change (date, hour, minute and location)

With this information, our technical support team can take a closer look into it :slightly_smiling_face: