Query multiple boards in Monday using API

Hi community,

Is it possible to query multiple boards ids with Monday API?

For a single board following code is correct:

query = ‘{ boards (ids: 99999999) { name id description items { name column_values{title id type text } } } }’

Is it possible to do something like:

… boards (ids: 99999999, 8888888, 77777777) …

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Larx

Welcome to the community.

Sure it is possible to query multiple boards

… boards (ids: [99999999, 8888888, 77777777]) …

Hi @basdebruin,

Thanks for your reply. It works perfectly.


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Hey @Larx

I’m glad @basdebruin was able to help out here! He’s super on point, as usual :slight_smile: