Question about Monday Automations

I am a bit confused by the Automations. Are these integrations the same integrations as the ones I am using in Zapier or are these proprietary integrations built by I see different triggers and actions across the two platforms. Also, if the automation are proprietary, is there a roadmap of integrations that are coming?

Hi @mavenllc

Welcome to the community. I might be a little confusing. Automations are builtin automations (only monday development can build these). Integrations are either between external apps and monday or monday to monday. One of the integrations is “when xxx send a webhook”, where these webhooks can be services from a number of endpoints (Zapier, Integromat, or any other service on the web). The app developers can build other integrations. When the 3rd party developers build integraion apps (monday to monday) they look very much like the automations, although technically they are integrations :slight_smile:

Hey @mavenllc - see comment above by Bas. Essentially integrations are built by monday development, whereas tools such as Zapier exists as a way to integrate other applications using something like Zapier / Integromat as the middleman.


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