Recurring tasks representation in Gantt Chart

I have a recurring task that I need to do every week, is there a possibility to represent it in the Gantt chart in a similar way like in the image below?
Or to shifts the timeline dates automatically every week to a specific day?

Hi @NoamToledano :wave:

You can use automations to create recurring tasks on specific days of each week, for example:

This would automatically create a new item on the board at the specified day / time.
You can use the ‘item’ part of the automation recipe to specify the item details such as the name, status etc.

Another option would be to duplicate the item and automatically push back the date of the item by one week every time the date arrives using the following automation:

It’s worth noting that in either case this would appear as a separate line item in the Gantt chart, rather than as another timeline for the same item as you’ve shown in your screenshot.
The only way to have the item show each week as you’ve shown in your screenshot would be to have multiple timeline columns, one for each occurrence of the event, which I think might get too cluttered when using the main board view.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:



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