Redirect the user from the board using the API to get an OAuth access token

I have created a Custom Action which calls my Listener to update the board when the user clicks a button on the board.

In my Listener I use the OAuth workflow based on [Authorization for integration recipes](OAuth Flow Example)
to request an access token for the user and store it in a database when the user adds the app to the board.

Is there a way to redirect the user from the board to the page by calling the Monday API from my Listener to get a new access token when the user initiates the custom action, and for some reason the user does not have an access token in the database?

Hello there @pinterl and welcome to the community!

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There is no way of redirecting a user to a URL when a recipe is fired.

What you could do is maybe send a notification to the user including the URL (disclaimer: The URL would not be clickable and they would have to type it).

Thank you, Matias, I will try the notification suggestion.

Sounds good @pinterl,

Let us know if you need any help!