[Released] API v2 - Querying and Mutating File Column

Hi Dipro, @dipro

I was wondering if you can say anything on the feature requests regarding the API V2. For me the most important ones are:

  • mutating the file column (uploading files through the API)
  • mutating the link to item and mirror columns (as they point to the original boards in the template)
  • adding / deleting guest users to boards
  • API keys for non admin users

Hey @basdebruin! Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

I don’t have an update for access to files, link to items, or adding subscribers to boards.

However, I do have an update for API keys for non-admin users. We are working on implementing OAuth for our platform, which will allow you to generate API keys for any full user on your account. Each key will be limited by scopes and the user’s permissions! :clap:

We hope to release this feature in the next 6-8 weeks!

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Hi @dipro we’re currently working on project for a client where they would like to expose the status of a workflow/process to their clients via an external portal. They keep track of everything in Monday.com, including files. They would like their clients to be able to access certain files the keep in Monday.com hence our need for this API.

Can you give any indications as to when this might become available?

Hey @pcebo!

We added this feature over the weekend :slight_smile: Check out my post here for more information on how to access and upload files: You can now access and upload files using our API!

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Hey @dipro,

WOW! Thank you!!

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Thank you @dipro, that’s really a great addition !

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