Explanation of using api’s to manipulate files

Hi all. Can i have explanation how to use Mobday api’s to add file from one column to another. Do i need to use coding for this?

Hi @noam,

Can you please expand on what you are looking for?

Are you looking to copy and existing file from a column to another column on the same board or a different board? Or are you just looking to upload/download a file?

Hi @mitchell.hudson
Thanks for responding.
I am trying to copy files from one item to another item on the same board to different group. In another case to copy the same to another board. I’m using integromat to assist me but with file type coloumns i have a problam.


You should be able to do this with Integormat. The monday.com V2 app offers these options:
Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 7.46.09 pm

I am not 100% sure with Integormat, but I would guess that it is the same the API V2.

The API V2 will only work with files that are stored on the monday servers. Any files that are uploaded using Google Drive, Dropbox, etc… won’t be able to be retrieved or uploaded.

What issues are you experiencing?

I tried to use the add a file to file column but it doesn’t work.
In that module it expects the file name and data. For the data i can map only a link because thers no data when i look in the items fields from the previous module (list items). I was told to use the http get file in order to get the data but i couldn’t work it out.
Any ideas? @mitchell.hudson


How was the original file uploaded to monday?

Hi @mitchell.hudson
At last i found how to do it. The file was uploaded via monday form. The following sequence made it happen.

Hi mitchel
If you saw what i found to be workink i have to duplicate that sequence of modules 6 times because i have 6 files coloumns. I can put a router and add the process 6 times or can you suggest ither options, maybe using a repeater? Wgat do you think?

Hi @noam

The only I see with this is the complexity limit being reached. In some way, you need to limit the number of calls that you are making to monday.com otherwise you will reach the complexity limit relatively fast.

You will need to add the repeater before your GET FILE request to monday.

I will try and think of a more efficient way to perform the task but I can’t really think of any at the moment.

Thanks. I’m very concerned with that limitation.
Can you please elaborate this situation by giving kind of example how you calculated complexity in this case.
Really appreciate your input.

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Hey @noam :wave:

I’m glad you and @mitchell.hudson were able to arrive at a working solution, albeit it isn’t ideal just yet! I think what Mitchell was referring to in regards to complexity here is the number of calls you will send to our API in a short timeframe - we do recommend adding a timeout/delay between those in order to ensure you are not sending too many calls in a short time frame. I believe that would be the only way you’d be hitting the complexity limit with your current setup. This is also something you can add in Integromat itself.

Let me know if this is helpful!


Hey @AlexSavchuk :wave: @mitchell.hudson :wave:
Thanks for replying. I read carefully what you recommended about adding timeout/delay.
Now regarding the sequence in the prtscreen i posted earlier above where exectly should i add the timeout especially if i have that sequence multiplied 5 times.


@AlexSavchuk hit the nail on the head with what I was referring to.

To be honest, you will need to make the call where you place the delay. It may take some testing.

The complexity limit resets every 60 seconds so logic would tell you to add a delay between each step, however, this isn’t practical. I am not 100% sure, but there may be a way to catch an error in Integromat, and if the error is a limit, then wait 60 seconds and then retry. You would need to add this on each query.

This is at least how I handle it in code-based development.

Hi @mitchell.hudson, @AlexSavchuk,
Didn’t mentioned it before about my usecase and maybe that will change the perspective of the complexity in my scenario .
From a specific group i list items that meets specific criteria and then creates max 5 items in another group on the same board. The other group therefore contains only 5 items which i always deletes in the beginning of the scenario. Maybe that’s make the scenario less vulnerable to exceed complexity rate limits?


I was using Integromat today, and you can add a ‘break’ tool to the module.

This will check the result of the call, if it fails it will wait a set amount of time and then try again. You can set how many times it will retry.

This will be perfect for your solution as it will manage the error handling for you.

@mitchell.hudson thanks. Would you be kind and send a picture of how to set the modules in a scenario with the break tool.

@noam sure.

You can use the break tool by click on tools and selecting break

From here, you attach it to your module (you will need one for each module) and then you can configure the settings here:

Let me know if you need any more assistance

Thanks @mitchell.hudson i’ll give it a try.